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We believe in the power of community and feel a shared responsibility for the well-being of others. Not only within our own team, but also outside. We like to offer opportunities to people for whom opportunities are not always obvious. That is why we work together with various parties and initiatives that can provide such opportunities.

DZB Leiden

The DZB in Leiden is the reintegration company of the municipality of Leiden. The DZB has a specialized chocolate branch. At the DZB, the solid bars of De Bonte Koe are molded and various products are packed.


Pameijer is there for everyone for whom participating in society is difficult. At Pameijer Rotterdam several products, such as the Student Flickers and Nougatblades are packed.

Juist Schiedam

Juist Schiedam is a sustainable printing company with a social character. All of our printing (such as the flavors insert) takes place here.

Surfkids Shredding Senegal

Partly because of our great love of wave surfing, we support the Surfkids Shredding Senegal Foundation.
An organization that works hard for the educational and sports development of children in West Africa, Senegal.
You can also support Surfkids Shredding Senegal by buying our Caramel Seaweed bar.