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Our mission

Our organically certified cocoa originates from the Dominican Republic. We buy it through the Grupo Conacado Cooperative. This ensures that the farmer receives a fair price and that no deforestation occurs in the cultivation of the cacao. The cacao is mixed with organic sugarcane and organic cow's or rice milk.


All of our ingredients have a story. We are striving to use as many local and organic ingredients as possible. For example, our honey comes from Imkerij de Traay, our milk from Zuivelrijck, our organic hazelnuts from Piemonte and our strawberries from de Westlandse Aardbei.  In the meantime we are introducing more and more chocolate products without animal ingredients. See also our vegan category.


For our packaging, we use recycled paper and cardboard as much as possible. We try to minimize the use of plastic. When using plastic, we make sure it is bioplastic.
The wood of our boxes is sustainable ISPM 15 certified wood which comes from landscaped forests in Scandinavia. For every tree used, four new ones are planted. The shipping webshop orders is done as efficiently as possible (with as little packaging as possible) to minimize the carbon footprint.

Food Waste

We minimize food waste by maintaining small stocks of fresh produce. In the addition, seasonal solid chocolate is remelted to reduce waste.


To use as much renewable energy as possible in our production process, we have installed 73 solar panels with a capacity of 29,000 watt peak on the roof of our production facility in Schiedam. When the sun shines, this is more than we can consume.