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Macaron masterclasses
A macaron is a French made from almonds, powdered sugar and eggwhites.

You may have noticed that De Bonte Koe has recently been selling macarons.  The perfect macaron has a “bite”, a soft ganache filling and a “foot”, consisting of a scalloped edge which rises during baking.  

Ramona Hinterholzer, pastry chef at De Bonte Koe, has been conducting macaron workshops since the beginning of April.  She learnt the fine art of making macarons at Tortchen Tortchen (tortchen means little cake), a famous French patisserie in Cologne.

During the workshop you will learn how to make a macaron.  At the beginning of the worksop the recipe will be discussed.  First the filling is made – the ganache. You may choose whichever ganache flavour you want.  Then make your chosen biscuit colour. When the two components are ready, you will put them together and Take them home. Be sure to wear easy clothes and shoes as during the workshop you will not have a chance to sit down.

Check our homepage for the macaron workshop calendar before making a reservation.