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Sex Bonbon

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In collaboration with The Oh Collective, we have created an afrodesiac bonbon.

The bonbon can be bought on The Oh Collective website via this link.

Get ready for a date night that is going to be as hot as a volcano with our Sex Bonbons Chocolate! These little love bites are more than just delicious dark chocolate: they're packed with superfood aphrodisiacs that'll turn up the heat and have you both saying "More, please!"

🔥 Libido on Fire: made of Asian-inspired superfoods - seductive horny goat weed, calming ashwagandha, and energizing Korean ginseng. 

💑 Date Night Dynamo: Spice up your date night with these bonbons that are basically little cupids in chocolate form. Dark chocolate as it touches your tongue, and once you bite into it, it brings out the texture and taste of passion fruit and caramel. 

🌱 Vegan Lovin': dairy-free and vegan-friendly. That means there are no dietary barriers between you and a night of sweet, sweet ecstasy!

🍫 Crafted with love by experts: We partnered with female-owned Chocolatier De Bonte Koe. These chocolate maestros have been whipping up handcrafted delights since the '90s making sure your chocolates are made with only the finest ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Whether you're gifting them or keeping them all to yourself, these little love bites are your ticket to a night of chocolatey, aphrodisiac-fueled adventure. Get ready to indulge, ignite, and, well, you know the rest... 😉💘

Sex Bonbon
Sex Bonbon
Sex Bonbon
Sex Bonbon


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