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Speech about chocolate

It's great that you want to give your speech about chocolate.

Chocolate is not only delicious to eat, but it also has a fascinating history and is made through a fascinating process. Here you will find everything you need to give a fantastic speech about chocolate.

1. Chocolate Facts

Amaze your classmates with interesting facts about chocolate. For example, did you know that the ancient Mayans and Aztecs drank chocolate as a bitter drink and used it as money? Find a video about the history of chocolate here .

2. Where does chocolate come from?

Chocolate begins its journey in distant tropical countries, where cocoa trees grow. These trees thrive best in warm, humid climates, such as those of West Africa, South America and parts of Asia. The fruits of the cacao tree, called cacao pods, contain the precious cacao beans that form the basis of chocolate.

3. The Chocolate Making Process

Tell your classmates about the chocolate making process. After the cacao beans are harvested, they are fermented to develop their flavor. They are then dried and roasted to get the characteristic chocolate flavor. The beans are then ground into a thick paste known as cocoa liquor. This mass is processed into cocoa butter and cocoa powder, which are used to make different types of chocolate, from dark chocolate to milk chocolate and white chocolate.

4. Types of Chocolate: White, Milk and Dark Chocolate

  • White Chocolate : White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, milk and sugar. It does not contain cocoa powder, which means that it does not have the typical chocolate taste, but rather a creamy and sweet taste.

  • Milk chocolate : Milk chocolate is a mix of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, milk and sugar. It has a soft and creamy taste, thanks to the addition of milk.

  • Dark Chocolate : Also known as dark chocolate, dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids and less added sugar. It has an intense, rich flavor and can vary in bitterness depending on the cocoa percentage.

5. Chocolate and Health

Is chocolate really as bad as some say? Did you know that dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and can be healthy if you don't eat too much of it?

6. Sustainability and Fair Trade

Sometimes farmers do not get a fair price for the cocoa beans or many forests are cut down for cocoa cultivation. There are companies that do give the farmer a fair price. De Bonte Koe Chocolate is committed to sustainable production and fair trade. We purchase the cococa from one cooperative in the Dominican Republic. This way we can be sure that we act fairly.

7. Tasting chocolate

No presentation about chocolate is complete without a chocolate tasting! Introduce your classmates to the different flavors and textures of chocolate by letting them taste different chocolate drops. Available in the speaking package.

8. Klokhuis

We went to the Klokhuis with De Bonte Koe. Here we explain how Easter eggs are filmed. See the episode here

8. Chocolate tour
Every Friday at 3:00 PM we give a tour to show how and where we make chocolate. You can reserve tickets via this website.

8. Chocolate Speech package

You will find our speaking package in our webshop. The presentation chocolate package contains different flavors of drops to taste, cocoa beans and a Kumasi drink (made from the fruit of cocoa beans), a booklet with all our chocolate flavors and a chocolate lollipop for you!

Good luck with your speech!

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