Handmade chocolate is always a success

Chocolate is not only delicious to share with family and friends. Our handmade chocolate is also popular for business purposes. You can send our chocolate by post and personalize it with your own company logo or image. This way a chocolate gift for your business relations and colleagues becomes even more special.

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Business account benefits

    • Customize chocolate

    • Send gifts to multiple addresses

    • Online account for insight into orders and ordering on invoice

    • Handmade and sustainable chocolate gift

    Customized chocolate

    You can customize our Chocolate Greeting Cards with your company logo or image. Request an account and go to: Chocolate Greeting Card | Customized to upload your logo or image.

    Customized chocolate!

    • Send to multiple addresses

    Do you want to send chocolate by post to multiple addresses? We can organize this. There are also several types of products that fit through the letterbox so that you do not have to pay the price of a package, such as chocolate bars, chocolate greeting cards, chocolate letters. Even our handmade chocolates, bouchées and truffles are posted in sturdy, letterbox-sized boxes. So if you want to surprise someone at home, don't hesitate. Take a bite

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    How do I request a business account?

    How does the application proceed?

    First request an account by completing the form above. We will first verify the account and then send you an activation email. After this you can log in to the business website.

    What can I do with a business account?

    With a business account you can:
    1) Order on invoice
    2) Personalize chocolate by uploading a logo or image
    3) Sending artisan chocolate to multiple addresses

    Can I submit a purchase order number?

    You can submit a purchase number at check out. You can enter this in the note box.

    Can I order on invoice?

    You can order on invoice with a business account. First request an account by completing the form below. We will first verify the account and then send you an activation email.