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Conchōbar | Lion's Mane | Milk

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Conchōbar Lion's Mane Milk Chocolate Bar - 100 grams (6 grams Lion's Mane) with 42% cocoa

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This special bar combines high-quality milk chocolate with the natural benefits of Lion's Mane, an adaptogenic mushroom with various health benefits for the mind. Our cocoa beans come from Grupo Conacado from the Dominican Republic, which ensures the best quality and sustainability.

Each bar contains 100 grams of dark chocolate, divided into 10 cubes of 10 grams, with each cube containing 15 mg of pure CBD. An average dose is 2 cubes, which offers a perfect balance between taste and well-being.

Why choose our Lion's Mane Milk Chocolate Bar?

  • Mental Clarity: Lion's Mane is an adaptogenic mushroom known for its ability to promote mental clarity and support cognitive function. Enjoy improved focus and well-being while enjoying the delicious taste of milk chocolate with 42% cocoa.
  • Organic Certified Quality: Our chocolate is produced with the greatest care and is made from the finest organic cocoa beans and high-quality Lion's Mane. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to ensure the best taste and quality, and our cocoa beans are supplied by Grupo Conacado from the Dominican Republic, guaranteeing sustainability and quality.
  • Easy to dose: Each bar contains 10 cubes of 10 grams, with each cube containing 600 mg Lion's Mane. An average dose is 2 cubes, providing a convenient way to manage your daily dose of Lion's Mane and mental support.

Important comments:

  • Dosage: An average dose is 2 cubes (1200 mg Lion's Mane). Adjust the dosage to your personal needs.
  • Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women: The use of Lion's Mane and other supplements is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women without prior medical advice. Consult your doctor if you have any questions about using Lion's Mane during these times.

Conchōbar | Lion&
Conchōbar | Lion&
Conchōbar | Lion&


Question 1 - How do I request a business account?

Go to the 'business' page via the menu, where you can request an account.

Question 2 - What can I do with a business account?

With a business account you can:
1) Order personalized chocolate.
2) Send chocolate to multiple addresses. Much of our chocolate also fits through the letterbox.
3) Order on invoice.

Question 3 - Can I personalize chocolate?

Yes you can personalize chocolate with a business account. For chocolate greeting cards there is a minimum order quantity of 30 pieces. You can upload your logo or image in the business webshop.

Question 4 - Can I have chocolate sent through the letterbox?

Yes, there are products such as letterbox chocolates, chocolate letters and bars that fit through the letterbox.