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Letterbox chocolates | personalized ribbon

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Handmade chocolates in a gift box. Our non-alcoholic classic. This box fits through the letterbox. All our chocolate is made from certified cocoa beans. Wrapped with personalized ribbon.

Provide us with your own short text and/or logo, and we will provide the boxes with your own ribbon. Choice of 25 colors with a delivery time of 2 weeks. Please note that this product can only be ordered with a business account of 30 pieces or more . Request a business account here or log on to the business page.

Order the chocolate online. You can easily send these chocolates through the letterbox.

Letterbox chocolates | personalized ribbon
Letterbox chocolates | personalized ribbon


Question 1 - How do I request a business account?

Go to the 'business' page via the menu, where you can request an account.

Question 2 - What can I do with a business account?

With a business account you can:
1) Order personalized chocolate.
2) Send chocolate to multiple addresses. Much of our chocolate also fits through the letterbox.
3) Order on invoice.

Question 3 - Can I personalize chocolate?

Yes you can personalize chocolate with a business account. For chocolate greeting cards there is a minimum order quantity of 30 pieces. You can upload your logo or image in the business webshop.

Question 4 - Can I have chocolate sent through the letterbox?

Yes, there are products such as letterbox chocolates, chocolate letters and bars that fit through the letterbox.