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Luxe chocolade kerstbonbonnière

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Luxe chocolade bonbonnière gevuld met 300 gram van onze handgemaakte bonbons of met 500 gram van onze handgemaakte bouchées aangevuld met marsepeinen hulstblaadjes. 

Dit product is te breekbaar om te verzenden en kan daarom worden afgehaald in een van onze winkels in Schiedam, Rotterdam of Den Haag. 

Ingredients & allergens

Ingrediënten: Rietsuiker*, Cacaoboter**, Volle MELKpoeder*, Cacaomassa**, Emulgator: zonnebloemlecithine*, Vanille bourbon*.

(*) Gecertificeerde ingrediënt
(**) RFA gecertificeerd ingrediënt

Allergenen: Bevat lactose en noten pinda's en soja.

Dimensions and weight

Gewicht: Klein 300 gram
Groot 500 gram

Afmetingen: 17 × 17 × 10 cm

    Luxe chocolade kerstbonbonnière
    Luxe chocolade kerstbonbonnière


    Is the handmade chocolate from De Bonte Koe sustainable?

    Yes! All our chocolate is made from organically certified cocoa beans. Our mission is to make the tastiest chocolate in the Netherlands, with a positive effect on the environment and society. We want to be an example for other traditional family businesses. Would you like to know more about this? Go to our mission page.

    How will my chocolate order be delivered?

    We deliver the products that can be shipped by post. With the chocolate product you can see whether it will fit through the letterbox or will be delivered as a package. Packages can also be delivered to a parcel point. We use PostNL. If you order before 3:00 PM on a working day, your product will be delivered the next day.

    Is De Bonte Koe chocolate gluten-free?

    All our chocolate, with the exception of the sugar-free chocolate bars, peppernuts and granola, is gluten-free.

    How long does De Bonte Koe chocolate last?

    Solid chocolate has a shelf life of 6 months. Our chocolates and bouchées have a shelf life of 2 months.

    Can I add a personal card to the order?

    Yes this is possible! Add your message in the notes at check out. We will add a handwritten card to your chocolate order.